Frozen Truth

                                                                                        A James Acker Legal Thriller

A case of murder brings Lawyer Spencer Adams, face to face with her past. The battle with herself is indescribable…

Kevin, a man with a powerful influence on social media is accused of killing his girlfriend. Spencer enters the court fight, becoming the focus of social outcry. But she has a sacred duty: Justice for the dead.

Everything is videotaped, but the Internet world is here to trap us. If Spencer doesn’t want to lose a loved one again by her own mistake, she must be very careful.

The truth can freeze the blood...

Frozen Truth is Freya's exciting blood-pumping legal thriller. If you are an avid fan of strong characters, action packed courtroom drama, and mind blowing murder mystery, then you'll love Freya's intriguing story.

Buy "Frozen Truth" today to discover Freya's new intriguing crime mystery!

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