The Cursed Lawyer

                                                                                        A James Acker Legal Thriller

When the town’s priest dies in a brutal act of murder, a homeless woman is the only suspect. There is no evidence, no proof, except a surveillance video showing her running away.

After the death of his wife and daughters, John Crox started a non-profit law firm, desperate to help innocents. When news of the priest’s murder travel around town, John decides that he’ll help Camilla, the suspect.

The case looks hopeless. The woman is impulsive, uncooperative, and the authorities have an agenda. But as John and his friends investigate the church, they find a mysterious cult could be responsible…

Cursed Lawyer is Freya's exciting blood-pumping legal thriller. If you are an avid fan of strong characters, action packed courtroom drama, and mind blowing murder mystery, then you'll love Freya's intriguing story.

Buy "Cursed Lawyer" today to discover Freya's new intriguing crime mystery!

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