Blind Trial Preview

                                                                                        A Penelope Moore Legal Thriller

About the book

Robin Lane’s brother is murdered and it’s up to her to find out who did it.

Robin Lane takes a case that could tear her career to pieces. Her young and impulsive brother, Landis, is accused of homicide against her younger brother, Kit. The evidence is overwhelming, but Robin refuses to accept it. Could her family be capable of murder?

As Robin digs up the truth, dark clues come to the surface. And to find out what happened, she has to put her life at risk...

Chapter One

I knock on the door and wait. In the last couple of years, I have become closer with both of my brothers, and we are starting to feel like a real family again, but all of that has still not prepared me for what is happening today.

“Robin!” Kit’s face lights up when he answers the door. I look at him and shake my head.

“How do you have a two-year-old little girl already?” I ask, shaking my head some more. I still can’t get my head around the fact that my big brother is a dad.

“Life,” he says vaguely, pulling me in for a hug. I sink into his embrace. He is a changed man since the birth of his daughter. I can’t express just how much I like it.

“Life?” I ask when we part from each other. I stare at him with one eyebrow raised. “Can you be a little less vague, please?”

“You know, just stuff happens, right? To tell you the truth, I still can’t believe it myself. And, I shouldn’t say this, but… actually, I better not. I’ll speak to you about it later.”

“Objection,” I say with a smile. “You can’t leave me hanging like that! Come on, Kit! Tell me, tell me, tell me.”

“Come on, get inside. Landis is already here. He’s excited to see you.”

“As he should be,” I respond with a smirk. “It does feel like he has been gone a long time, but what is it? Three months he was off backpacking?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Auntie Robin!” shouts Lizzie as she barrels down the hallway toward me.

“Lizzie!” I scream, scooping her up. “I swear that you are getting taller and taller. Have you grown since the last time I saw you?”

“Yes,” she says. “It’s my birthday today, Auntie Robin. I must have grown because I’m older now.”

“How old are you?” I ask. “Six? Seven? Not ten?”

“No.” She giggles in my arms. “I’m two!” She holds up two fingers as she says it.

“Two! That is so old. Are you going to go to school? Get a job? Start a family?”

“Noooooo!” She throws her head back this time as she laughs, and I feel like the funniest person in the entire world. I wrap my arms tighter around her and snuggle into her neck, taking in her aroma—the smell that you only get from young children.

“Here,” I say, handing the bag to my brother as I hold Lizzie. “You can add that to the present pile.”

“Is that for me, Auntie Robin?”

“Of course. I knew that it was your birthday today and I got you a very special present.”

“Thank you, Auntie Robin.”

I place Lizzie back down on the ground, and she immediately runs off in the other direction. I glance over at my brother, and I can see the obvious pride on his face. Two years ago, I never knew when he would be in trouble next. Now, he is a model citizen, a better father than our own father ever was.

I place a hand on his shoulder, and that causes him to break into a bright smile. “You did good,” I say. He smiles wider, and the two of us walk toward the kitchen. The sounds of people talking waft toward us, with the screaming of children coming from behind where they must be playing out in the backyard.

Landis comes at me as soon as I enter the kitchen. He has managed to grow an impressive beard in the three months that he has been backpacking around Mexico and the other Central American counties.

“You going to shave that fluff off before you start your job?” I ask with a smile.

“That’s what you go to first? No grand reunion with your favorite brother? No running into my arms after all this time? No tears?”

“You were only gone three months,” I say. “And how many times did we speak on the phone? Besides, I talked to you over video chat last night! Come on then; I guess I could give you a hug—you are in my top two brothers of all time.”

Landis grabs me in his embrace, and I squeeze him tight. He’s a recovering addict, two years off of the drugs, mainly thanks to Kit, but his addiction has flared in other ways, and that has manifested through constant adventures. This latest one is the longest he has been away, and I have no idea how he managed to get a job again on his return.

“It is really good to have you back,” I whisper into his ear. “You will stay around longer this time, right?”

“You know me,” he says, another vague answer from one of my brothers. If only he could find a job where he gets to travel constantly, I think that he might find true happiness. As long as he is healthy and relatively happy, I’m happy too.

I have both my brothers here, along with my sister-in-law Debbie and my niece freshly turned two. Growing up, we didn’t have the safety and security that Lizzie will have.

There is a lull in the conversation, and Debbie steps forward, taking the opportunity to get things started now that most of the people have arrived.

“I will call the kids through in a second to sing Happy Birthday and have some cake, but I wanted to run something by all of you before I give it to Lizzie.” Landis hands her a t-shirt. She unfolds it and holds it up. “What do you think? Is this a good color for Lizzie?”

I am the first to scream out. I run to Debbie and hug her. “Are you serious?” I ask.

She nods her head against my shoulder as I cuddle with her. On the front of the t-shirt, it says “Best Big Sister.”

I let go of Debbie and grab my brother next. He holds me tight again, and he doesn’t let go immediately. When he does, his eyes are red, and I find the tears coming to my eyes too. The only thing that I can do is shake my head at him. He replies with a large smile. Before I know it, Kit is there too, and he has embraced the two of us.

“The next one is not due for six months, and we don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl, but we are very excited,” says Debbie. “I’m just glad that we could tell all of you first and that Landis was back to hear the news face to face.”

“It’s amazing,” I say, turning from Kit to Debbie. “Our family is growing.”

“On that note,” says Debbie, taking my arm. She whispers the next part. “When are you going to have some kids of your own?” She does not give me time to answer before she thrusts me in front of a guy who I have not seen before. “Frank, this is my sister-in-law Robin.”

“Robin, I have heard a lot about you. It’s a pleasure to meet you finally.”

I look around to find that Debbie has dashed off. I can’t help but smile, even though my blood is boiling. I turn my attention back to Frank—it’s not his fault that I don’t really want to be with anyone right now after coming out of a long relationship.

“It is nice to meet you too,” I say. “Look, I don’t know what Debbie told you, but I just came out of a relationship, and I’m not ready to date anyone right now.”

“That’s a relief,” says Frank. “I am not interested in you, Robin.”

“Wait, what is that supposed to mean?” I ask, folding my arms across my chest.

“Just… how can I put this? Okay, so you are a beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman. You have a good career; from what I hear, you care about your family, you dress well, have obvious confidence, are insightful and wise, put family first, and have a drive to always be better. Do I have that right so far?”

“Yeah, I mean, Debbie has spoken a lot about me, hasn’t she?”

“She loves you. When she found out that I was single, she told me that you would be the perfect woman for me. She’s an astute woman. And having another kid, can you believe that?”

“Wait, so why wouldn’t you go out with me?” I ask, curious and frustrated.

“It doesn’t matter,” he says. “You’re off the market, and I respect that.”

“Yeah,” I say. “Say I wasn’t though, what would stop you from dating me?”

“So, you’re on the market and ready to date again?”

“Sure,” I say.

“Well, I would take you to Luigi’s on Tuesday for pasta and wine, and then we could take a walk through the botanical gardens. They open late on Tuesdays and do some sort of adult night where you can get a glass of wine, and there are no children running around. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, but you need some adult time too, right?”

“Yeah,” I say. “That doesn’t answer my question, though.”

“Sounds like a pretty good date, though, right? So what do you say?”

“I… wait… I don’t understand.”

“One date, and then we can take it from there. No expectations,” says Frank. “Agree, and I’ll tell you why I won’t date you.”

I look wildly around to see if I can find Debbie, hoping to get some help here. I have argued against the best in court, but I feel disarmed. “Tell me the reason and I will consider it.”

“I’ll take that,” says Frank. “Nothing.”

“Nothing, what do you mean nothing?”

“There’s nothing to stop me from dating you. From what I have heard, you would be perfect for me. So, how about it? Tuesday evening? You’re free, right.”

“Is this some weird pickup technique?” I ask.

“I don’t know; is it working?”

“It might be,” I say.

“Then I will give you my number and get out of here before I mess it up. Tuesday, it is.”

“Tuesday it is,” I repeat, unaware of how I have agreed to date again on a whim. It has been two months since I broke up with Logan after finding out that he cheated on me. When you fall off the horse, you should get right back on, right? I’m not sure if that applies to dating, but it makes me feel a little better about my decision.


When the phone rings, I don’t initially know where I am, and then the familiar wallpaper and bedside table comes into view. I see my alarm clock, and I have to rub my eyes to see the time—six o’clock. No one calls this early unless it is bad news.

I pick up my phone, but my vision is still too blurry to see who is calling.

“Hello,” I manage.

“Robin, it’s Kit. They think that I killed him. You have to get down here.”

“Woah, slow down,” I say. “They think you killed who? Who’s dead?”

“Landis,” says Kit.

I try to process the information. “What do you mean Landis? What’s he got to do with this?”

“Landis is dead, and they think I did it.”

Chapter Two

I leap out of bed, almost tripping as I do. I steady myself, trying to come to terms with what I have just heard. Kit has been arrested, and Landis is dead. My body and mind are working together, moving me forward, helping me to get ready quickly so that I can get down to the police station, but I can’t think about Landis. I won’t believe that he is dead. There has to be some sort of mix-up. Kit must have meant something else.

I throw on the first clothes that I can find, the ones that I threw over the chair when I went to bed last night, and I don’t bother brushing my teeth or eating. They don’t matter when you have just been hit with news like this.

Before I put on my shoes, there comes a knock at the door. I run to it and throw it open, hoping with all my heart that Landis will be standing there, and this really is one big joke, but he is not. There is a police officer standing there, another a few paces behind, with his back turned to me.

“Robin Lane?” asks the woman officer, her face grave and serious.

“Yes?” I say impatiently.

“I am sorry to have to tell you this, but your brother was found dead this morning.”

“Yes, I know,” I say. “I just found out that my other brother was arrested for it. I found out from him and not from the police? What sort of operation are you running here? How long ago did you find the body? You know what, it doesn’t matter, the evidence will show that he didn’t do it. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

The female officer stares at me, maintaining a neutral expression on her face. “I know that—”

“I’m sorry,” I interrupt. “It’s not your fault, I know, not completely. I just….” I want to scream and shout how they are all as bad as each other and how everything seems chaotic, but I know that they do a lot more good than bad, and I can’t blame this woman in front of me for arresting my brother or for the delay in getting to me to tell me the news. I shouldn’t have to find out about this from my brother calling me from the police station.

“I don’t have time for this,” I say. I close the door without waiting for her to say anything. I grab my shoes and put them on, quickly tying them. I open the door to see the female officer with the other officer standing beside her. I don’t waste any time and quickly push past the two of them, both with bewildered expressions on their faces.

I am out in the fresh air moments later, sucking in large mouthfuls of air. The mornings are getting colder, and the chill bites at my skin. I am not wearing a jacket, but that helps to wake me, and I dart straight for my car, setting off as soon as I get it started.

The traffic is almost non-existent, but people will be out soon. I drive as fast as I will allow myself, going above the speed limit, but not so much that I am going to be joining my brother in prison. I am still trying to make sense of it all.

I know what I heard—what Kit told me—and I don’t doubt what he said, but how could it have happened. It was yesterday afternoon when we were all together, one big happy family with a returned brother and a new baby on the way. We had all hugged together. Kit and Landis had shared beers together, working the barbecue, laughing and chatting. They had teased me together as they always did as kids. There was no arguing, no conflict, nothing to suggest what would happen. Nothing about it made any sense.

I don’t even know how Landis was killed. If they have arrested Kit, there must be some form of evidence, but I can’t fathom what that evidence will be. There must not be a murder weapon, or if they have one, it will have been wiped of prints. There can’t be any camera footage or eyewitnesses because he would not have done this. I go through the possible evidence in my head as I drive, and I come out with nothing.

The only scenario that I can believe in is that they have nothing on Kit and have arrested him in a panic. That’s my first order of business. I’ll get my brother out and get him home to his family. My mind flashes to Landis, but I quickly steer it away. If I can focus on Kit, I don’t have to face the fact that my brother is dead.

My brother is dead.

I park at the police station; the arrival at my destination is another distraction to take my mind from it. I can’t deal with it now, not without seeing Kit first.

I burst into the police station like a tornado, demanding to see my brother. Some of the cops already know me, but even the ones who don’t know why I am there. This town is not crime-ridden, and it’s unlikely anyone else has been arrested for a crime as serious as my brother’s. I am instructed to take a seat, not remembering the name that the desk sergeant gives me, and I don’t have to wait long before I am led to a small interview room.

Inside, Kit is handcuffed to the table as if he is a dangerous criminal. He tries to stand up when he sees me, forgetting about the restraints, and the table strains under the pressure. Kit slumps back into the chair, looking over at me with eyes wide like a lost puppy. I run to him instead and wrap my arms around him, hating the fact that he can’t reciprocate the embrace.

“It’s going to be fine,” I say.

“Nothing is fine,” says Kit. “Nothing makes sense anymore. If he is gone, I don’t know what I will do.” His shoulders start to jerk up and down, and I can hear the sobs coming from him. My eyes are dry, and I am only focused on the work at hand.

“I am going to get you out of here, Kit. Just take me through it from the beginning.”

“The beginning?” he asks. “Landis is dead? Are we not going to talk about that?”

“One thing at a time,” I say, pushing the tears away from my eyes. I round the desk and sit down on the chair opposite. I want to reach into my bag and pull out my pad and pen, but I didn’t bring anything with me. I drum my fingers on the table instead for want of something to do.

“Look at me,” says Kit. He holds my gaze for a few seconds before he speaks again. “You have to figure this out. Our brother is dead. The sooner you face that, the sooner you can get me out of here, and we can do something about it. Someone killed him, Robin. When I get out of here, I’m going to find out who did it, and they are going to pay.”

“Okay, less of the vengeance talk. Why don’t we focus on getting you out of here first, and then we can figure out the other thing.”

“Other thing. Just say it, won’t you? We need to get past this and find who did it. He’s dead, Robin.”

“Shut up!” I shout. “Don’t speak to me like that. I know that he’s dead, but I’d like to pretend for a little longer that he’s not. So, stop talking about it, and let me focus on getting you out of here.” I can feel my cheeks glowing red, and Kit must see something in my eyes because he doesn’t press the matter anymore.

“All right,” he says. “What do you want me to do?” He slumps back into his chair as far as the handcuffs will allow and closes his eyes for a moment.

“Just start at the beginning. This happened last night, I presume. When was the last time you saw Landis? He left the party after me, right?”

“Yeah, maybe around six.”

“And you two were pretty friendly when I was there. Any arguments or anything like that? Anything that is going to look bad?”

“No, nothing. We had a great time together, and we had planned to go for lunch on Wednesday.”

“He didn’t mention anything? He didn’t seem odd in any way?”

“Except for how he usually is?” he asks with a smile. He quickly loses that smile when he sees the look on my face. I’m not ready to deal with this, to joke about it—I’m not ready for anything at the moment.

“Okay,” continues Kit. “No, he didn’t mention anything. He seemed totally fine. He had just come home from his trip, as you know, and he was still on a high about that. He did mention that he wanted to travel around Mongolia, but he said that would be in a couple of years at the least. Do you think this is connected to his trip?”

“I don’t know,” I say. “He didn’t have any enemies, we both know that. He wasn’t around long enough to piss anyone off enough, and I don’t think that he was in debt to anyone unless he was hiding that from us. So, what about after that? He left the house, and you didn’t see him after that?”

“No, he went home as far as I am aware, or that is where he told me he was going. I didn’t hear anything more about it until they started hammering on my door this morning. I opened it, and they jumped me. I was only wearing my underwear, hence this.” He motions down at the orange jumpsuit that he is wearing. I hate to admit it, but he does have one of those faces that looks criminal, and that is only enhanced by the prison wear.

“Did they read you your rights?”

“Yeah, they did everything by the book. I’ve been in trouble enough times to know how it should go down, and you’ve told me multiple times what to look out for too.”

“And?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

“I didn’t speak to anyone. That’s the key, right? They were making some off-the-cuff remarks, and I knew that they wanted me to say something to incriminate myself, but I kept my mouth shut. I know better than that. I mean, how many times have we been in this situation?”

“Too many times,” I say. I quickly clamp my mouth shut, and I see the look of horror on Kit’s face. We have been here many times before, but not like this—never like this.

“What do we do now?” asks Kit. “They are going to let me go, right? I need to get out of here.”

“They have enough to detain you, and it wouldn’t surprise me that they will want to make an arrest if they have you here, as much as I hate to admit it, but that doesn’t mean that they have anything on you. I won’t get access to the evidence for a few days, but I’m going to tear it apart as soon as I do.”

“Someone framed me, Robin. I have to get out of here so I can find them. I don’t care what happens to me after that. When I do find them, I’m going to kill them.”

I don’t say anything more. Kit’s eyes are dancing wildly around the room, and I don’t think that I have seen him angrier than this, though he is hiding it expertly, and I wouldn’t be able to spot it if I had not been around him so much. The scary thing is that I believe him. If my brother does get set free, he is going to take this out on someone.

He is innocent of this crime, I know that. But I don’t know if I can stop him from committing another more brutal one.

Chapter Three

“Don’t speak with anyone, you hear me. Don’t talk with anyone unless I am there with you. I need to get a look at the evidence first. And do not, under any circumstances, mention anything about vengeance, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know that,” he says. He leans forward in the seat, wringing his hands together. “I love you, Robin. Please, they can’t go through this. You have to get me out of there for them. Will you go and speak to Debbie and Lizzie? Tell them that everything is going to be fine?”

“I will speak to them,” I say. “I’m going to represent you, and I’m going to be more invested than anyone else. If anyone is going to get you out of here, it’s going to be me. But, you have to promise that you are not going to kill anyone.”

“You don’t sound convinced, Robin. Either you are going to get me out of here or not.”

“You know that it doesn’t work like that. I’m in lawyer mode now, and that means no promises. As your sister, I am going to fight tooth and nail to get you out of here. As your lawyer, I have seen innocent people go to jail.”

“Why are you saying that?”

I look over at my brother. Why am I saying that? I nod my head slowly. “I’m going to get you out of here, I promise,” I say. “But you have to promise that you are not going to end up back in here.”

“That’s better,” he says. “And, no, I can’t promise that. When I find the person who did this, I’m going to kill them. That is a promise.”

I sigh and stand up from the seat. One thing at a time, right? I will get him out of here, and then I can deal with his thirst for vengeance. And perhaps after that, I can deal with the other thing—my deceased little brother.

“Robin,” says Kit.

I look down at him. His head is down, his shoulders slumped. I want to pick him up in my arms and cradle him. He looks up at me and speaks before I have the chance. “Nothing,” he says, a look of guilt passing over his features. I want to probe for more, but there comes a quiet knock at the door, and I know that my time is up. I stare at him, but his expression has changed. He is stoic again, and I know that I am going to get nothing out of him. All I can do is hug my brother before I leave him there.

I am led out of the room and back to the main foyer. There must have been a change in personnel when I was in there, and I can see a new desk sergeant has replaced the old one. I stride up to the window and knock on it. Officer Brent looks up and then back down to his paperwork. He jots a few more things down before getting up and circling around the desk to exit the office and greet me.

“Sid,” I say. “Talk to me, please. Does anyone know what’s going on?”

“It’s not looking good, Robin. I don’t know what to say. They are sweeping the crime scene as we speak, but the murder weapon has been found, that’s as much as I know about that.”

“They detained him, Sid. What do they have?”

“An eyewitness,” says Officer Brent.

“To the murder?” I ask.

“No, she saw him going into Landis’s apartment, and shortly after that, there was shouting and other noises.”

“She’s the one who called it in?”

“I don’t think so,” said Sid. “She only spoke to the police when they got there. Someone else called it in, I’m not sure who. I don’t think we have a name or anything. When they got there, they found the body and spoke with the lady. She gave a description of the man who had entered the apartment, and that was enough for them to arrest Kit. I don’t know what to tell you, Robin.”

“If any prints come back on the weapon, you’ll tell me, won’t you?” I ask.

“I’ll make sure you get everything,” he says. “You’re going to represent him if he is charged for this.”

“I am.”

“And don’t worry, everyone around here knows better than to try to get something out of him without you there. They will do this by the book; you have my word on that.”

“Thanks, Sid. Keep me in the loop.”

He nods and goes back into the office. I leave the building, dreading what is to come next. I have to let Debbie know what is going on, and I don’t have all that much for her. I don’t have much of anything, but it is still better than facing the truth of what has happened to Landis. Maybe I can distract myself forever from the actual truth.

I get back into my car, start up the engine, and crank the radio so loud that it helps to drown out any thoughts. I don’t even care that it is some new pop song by some kid almost a third of my age singing about heartbreak—as if they know about that.

The drive to Kit’s house is over all too quickly, and I can see Debbie standing at the front window as I pull up. I haven’t even checked my phone since I got the call, and there must be messages from her. I can’t hide in my car before I go in, and I get out and go straight to the door. It flies open as I get there, and Debbie grabs me, holding me tight.

“What the hell is going on?” she whispers into my ear.

When we come apart, her eyes are red raw, her skin pale and tight, hair unkempt and unbrushed. I look at her, and she shrinks down before me, turning to walk back through to the sitting room.

“Idiots,” she says, walking from me. I follow her through. “I only just managed to grab Lizzie before they took him away in handcuffs. He wasn’t putting up a fight or anything. Lizzie still doesn’t know that he is not here. I don’t know what to tell her.” She sits down in the large armchair, looking up at me the way Kit had. “You’ve been to see him? What are they saying?”

“I still don’t know what is going on,” I say. “Someone saw him go into Landis’s home, or they claim that, at least.”

“No, he was in bed all night.”

“You would have noticed if he had left?” I ask, moving straight back into lawyer mode.

“Of course,” she says. “Maybe. I’ve become a heavy sleeper with this second pregnancy, but I think I would have noticed. I can’t be without him, Robin. Another child on the way! They need a father. You have to get him out of there.”

“I’m going to,” I say, offering her hope too, even though that’s a rookie mistake as a lawyer.

“Oh, my goodness,” hisses Debbie, breaking down in tears.

“It’s okay,” I say, going to her. I perch on the arm of the chair and put my arm around her.

“No, it’s not okay,” she says. “I’m here blabbering away about Kit, thinking only of myself. I can’t believe it’s really true, Robin. Is it? Is Landis really dead?”

“Kit didn’t do it,” I say, avoiding the question. “I know that he is innocent, and we are going to get him out of there. Once I do, we are going to put this right.” In the back of my mind, I can’t help but think about Kit’s words. If he does get out, would it really be so bad if we found the person who really did this and brought them to justice? I feel my breathing deepen as I consider actually killing someone.

“I know that you will get him out,” says Debbie. “Bring him home soon to me, please, Robin.”

“I will,” I say.

She turns her head to look at me, and I know what the expression means.

“I don’t know,” I say. “We have to wait for the evidence to come back, and then we will know where we stand. If the eyewitness is all they have, we can work with that. If they have more, then we will cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Debbie nods her head, not really understanding why she has to wait for her husband to come home, and I know that this is painful for her. It is painful for me too, but I know that it is all about time now.

“I have to go,” I say. “I’ll let you know as soon as there are any future developments.”

“Thank you.” Debbie pulls me in to hug me again, and I leave after, not waiting for Lizzie to get up. I don’t want to be the one to have to tell her that her father is in jail.


Tuesday rolls around, and I text Frank as soon as I wake. I can’t go on a date tonight, there is absolutely no doubt about that. I’m still waiting for the evidence to come back and have refused the crime scene photos so far under the pretense that I want all of the evidence together. I don’t know if I will ever be ready to see the images of my dead brother, and the longer I can put it off, the better.

As the day drags on, I find myself needing some form of distraction to take my mind from this. Debbie had overloaded me with information after the party, and I have Frank’s address. I decide to grab a bottle of wine and head over there. In my head, it sounds like a perfect plan. I check in my kitchen cupboard and find a bottle of merlot.

I drive over to his apartment, only twenty minutes from mine. The building is nice, and I know that I am going to unload on him when I get inside. It feels like a good compromise—I don’t know him yet, and I can easily cut ties after this. It might be that he will be the one to do that after he hears me venting.

I knock on the door, and I hear footsteps soon after. When he opens the door, a look of surprise crosses his face, but not one that shows he is happy to see me there.

“I thought we weren’t doing this tonight,” he says, glancing back into the apartment.

“I know,” I say. “I didn’t mean to spring this on you, I just need some company. I can’t be alone with my thoughts any longer. Can we talk?”

“I, um—” Frank steps out into the hallway, obviously hiding what is inside. I glare at him, knowing that something is wrong. “You should have called first,” he says. “I didn’t want you to find out this way.”

“Find out what?” I ask.

“It’s just….”

“Frank!” The call comes from inside the apartment. “Where’d you go?!” It’s a woman’s voice, there is no mistaking it. My gaze flashes from the door to him, and his follows the same path, holding my gaze finally.

“It’s not what you think,” he says.

 “It never is,” I counter. I storm off before he can try and weasel his way out of this. As I walk down the stairs, I kick myself for coming here. We’ve not even gone out on one date yet, but it still hurts. I only texted him this morning, and he managed to find some other woman in the past few hours to replace me. He’s not cheating on me, not really, but it feels like a slap in the face.

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